Who We Are

Answer Pet’s international team of writers is composed of experts and animal enthusiasts who advocate for the better treatment of our beloved pet companions, be it furry canines or exotic creatures.

The team includes animal behaviorists, veterinarians, animal trainers, vet technicians, and pet enthusiasts who are keen to share their knowledge on pet handling and general animal welfare. 

Answer Pet offers informative articles backed by years of research and anecdotal records. We share general knowledge about various animals and pets, including their appearance, temperament, health, and maintenance requirements. 

We also consult with breeders and canine organizations to check the accuracy of every content we share.

Our Goals

At Answer Pet, we aim to:

  • Answer your most pressing questions about your pet.
  • Help you assess whether a certain pet fits your lifestyle and financial capability.
  • Guide you in finding the best essential products and services for your pet.
  • Encourage you to provide the best care to your pets by sharing detailed guidelines on their maintenance.
  • Inspire you to provide your pets with better health care.
  • Make you an expert in pet grooming and training.
  • Help you deal with your pet’s behavior and other issues.
  • Connect you to the best breeders and rescues near you.
  • Raise awareness on certain species that should be preserved.
  • Entertain you with interesting articles about pets and animals that you’ve never seen before.